Study Group of the Spirits’ Book (in English)

Conditions to participate:

 The participant must:

-Be interested in learning the spiritist doctrine; 

-Have basic/intermediate level of English;

-Be interested in learning English.

Group goals:

To promote the study of the spiritist doctrine;

To democratize the study of the spiritist doctrine, allowing people from other countries to participate;

To attract young people and people in general who are interested in studying the spiritist doctrine and at the same time learning English.

To socially promote the participants, both in a spiritual sense (through studying the Spirits’ Book) and professionally (through learning another language)

To train spiritist workers who master another language so that the spiritist doctrine can be taken to brothers in other countries.

Study methodology:

The study will be carried out once a week, on Saturdays, from 1 pm to 2 pm.

Questions from the Spirits’ Book will be defined to be studied on each study day;

If any participant is in the process of learning the English language, it is suggested that she/he seek to study the material in advance, so that the study could be richer;

All studies will be done in English, through conversation.


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